File Sharing

File Sharing allows you to instantly send and receive documents during a conference call.

You can share a file from within your online meeting room by:

  1. Opening the Chat in your call window on the right side of the page

  2. Select the paperclip icon in the bottom menu to upload a file from your computer.

You can also simply drag and drop a file into the Online Meeting Room to share in the chat.

Document Presenting

Once you share the document in the chat bar, you and/or your participants can present the document instead of downloading it. This is a great alternative to screen sharing for PowerPoint presentations.

To present a shared document:

  1. Hover over the document shared in the chat and select the Present button that appears in the corner.

  2. Use the right and left arrows on screen to navigate the pages of the document.

  3. Click Stop Presenting in the upper corner of the document or on the Share button at the bottom of the screen to end the presentation.

Note that files shared in this way can be presented by any participant present in your online meeting. This is why we recommend this option for smaller groups and suggest screen sharing for presentations with a larger audience.