How to Add The ClearLive Application To Slack

  1. Ensure you are both a ClearLive AND Slack Administrator to complete the install.
  2. Verify that you and any additional hosts are using the same email address for both the ClearLive and Slack accounts.
  3. Click the Add to Slack button below

    Add to Slack 

  4. Follow the prompts to install the app or connect your account.

    Please Note: You'll see the option to connect your account after clicking Add to Slack if an app has already been installed to your workspace.

  5. Collaborate seamlessly with ClearLive on Slack!

How-to-Use ClearLive with Slack

To use the ClearLive application within Slack, you will first need to add the ClearLive app to your workspace.

Once the app is installed, start a web conference with video or screen sharing by taking the following steps.

  1. Type any of the following commands:


  2. Followed by the subject of your meeting, mention the Slack users you want to join and hit return.

    For example: /clearlive Let's discuss the sales figures @barry @candice

  3. All those mentioned will receive a direct message within Slack with the conference details. Everyone can then just open the link in Chrome and get started with your meeting!

A message will appear in the relevant Slack channel and after the conference has ended, a brief summary with a public link to the call details will also appear in the channel.